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As executive consultant Jan Willem Kirpestein guides incompany processes that merge a growing consciousness of vision (and innovation power) with strategy and strategy implementation.

He helps people and teams to make an honest connection to themselves and their surroundings, and to the vision and values of their company. He is capable of creating a safe and secure environment, in which people start to discover and develop their natural strengths and abilities. Also, they start to better understand stumbling blocks within themselves and in their surroundings, which will enhance employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction. In this way, people are no longer subconsiously blocking their own and their team’s efforts. 

Jan Willem coaches executives and management teams through processes of transformation. Experience has shown that, to obtain maximum cooperation and optimal team results during a transitional phase, personal developmentand coaching leadership of all people involved is key.
  • 'Who Will Bring Me Home', the English version of 'wie brengt mij thuis', is now available at
  • The Power of your source is available at: en


JWkirpestein-the-power-of-your-source The power of your source. About the Impact of Consciousness in Your Personal and Professional Development


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